Would you like a massage w

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Make us your Downtown Madison gym destination. Call to start your membership. Open communication with your therapist is the best way to get the massage your body needs. Here are the best ways you can communicate with your massage therapist. A good therapist will ask follow-up questions to determine how to approach your problem.

And after they have begun working on your muscles for a few minutes, they will have a clearer picture of what is going on with your body as a whole.

Would you like a massage w

In the first few minutes of your massage, your therapist is warming up your muscle tissues before working harder on your problem areas. Your therapist will also check in with you a couple times to see if they are using the right amount of pressure. Let your therapist know right away so they can adjust and not cause you pain. When one area of your body is strained or feels pain, it will affect other parts of your body.

Your pain in your shoulder may be caused by a problem somewhere else. If you work at a computer and feel mid-back pain, it is because your shoulders are likely pulled forward and your pectoral chest muscles are too tight. Your therapist may work the front of your neck and pec muscles to relieve the pain or strain that is pulling on your back. Yes, you can ask your therapist to revisit an area.

If you have a lot of areas like 5 or 6 you want special emphasis on, we will do our best to get to them. But with that many areas of concern, you would receive more relief in two sessions so there is time to adequately address them. We may geek out on you a little bit as we explain how the knee bone is connected to the ankle bone. You must be logged in to post a comment. All I know is that I am in pain. If you booked a Relaxation massage or Swedish Massagethat tells us your goal is relaxation.

No surprises there!

Would you like a massage w

If you booked a Therapeutic massage, then we know you want a firmer touch and that you have specific issues you want us to address. Of course if you add Deep Tissue, we know you really want us to dig in and take care of your complaints.

Would you like a massage w

Can I ask my therapist to revisit an area? I just need to ask my questions and communicate if I am uncomfortable? Leave a Comment Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

Would you like a massage w Would you like a massage w

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How to ask your therapist to give you the massage your body needs