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Take a bag deed for ultralight users and overbuild the suspension, incorporate durable fabrics, and load it up with capacious pockets and you have the ULA Circuit. Advertised as "the favorite child" by ULA, we tend to agree. The comfort of this model, even under heftier lo, exceeds that of many packs built to take more weight. The hip belt flexes to accommodate hips of varying angles, and the choice of two differently shaped shoulder straps allows both men and women of different builds to get a great fit. The Circuit may not have the most pockets of any bag we tested, but we feel that it has all the right ones in all the right places making gear easy to grab or stow away.

The cavernous main compartment is easy to load but lacks a sleeping bag compartment with bottom access. For hot weather pursuits, the non-ventilated back panel is likely to bring on the sweat, but because of the uncommon comfort and thoughtful organization systems, we feel confident recommending the Circuit to anyone but the heatstroke-prone rain forest explorer. Read review: Ultralight Adventure Equipment Circuit.

Gregory took a pack that, in a version, we found lacked the ability to support even a moderate load and redeed it so well that it's now one of the most comfortable models in our lineup. The frame is supportive and the padding feels great on the hips and shoulders.

We also love how fully-featured the Maven is for such a lightweight pack. It includes features not often found together in a subpound pack: huge side pockets, a 2-pocket lid with included rain cover, sleeping bag compartment, and a wide-opening access zipper that runs almost the length of the pack. The Maven is still a fairly lightweight pack so it's not suited to regularly carrying heavy lo over 40 pounds. And as with Wife want hot sex Osprey lightweight items, some materials have a little less durability.

The side pockets, while stretchy and voluminous, can snag on rocks and tree branches, tearing the mesh. Overall, we find very few cons with this pack and judge it well-suited to a wide variety of users and backcountry adventures. Read review: Gregory Maven These days, it's challenging to find a full-sized backpack that performs well for under bucks.

Enter the Osprey Renn The Renn took a unique approach to de, spreading the 65L load laterally, creating a comfortable pack where even the heaviest of lo rode well on our hips. We love the Renn's simple de, complete with just the important features: roomy hip and brain pockets and an included rain cover. We were impressed that even though the Renn is one of the lowest-priced options we tested, it still boasts the comfortable award-winning Osprey suspension.

The Renn 65 is a good choice for its unique, comfortable de and advantageous extra features. You can fit pretty much anything you Wife want hot sex Osprey in the Renn's roomy main compartment; bear canisters situated horizontally, full climbing ropes, you name it.

Unfortunately, it lacks the large, stretchy back pocket that is just so darn convenient for layers, snacks, water filters, and more. But that's a small sacrifice for a pack that is lightweight, cozy, roomy, durable, and budget-friendly.

Wife want hot sex Osprey

Read review: Osprey Renn We have yet to see a women's specific backpack that is as lightweight as the Osprey Lumina It's our favorite ultralight de. There are more and more women's specific packs infiltrating the ultralight market, but the Lumina is the best we've seen. At a mere 1. You may think that such a featherweight pack would lack support, but the Lumina has a full-frame and suspension system that provided plenty of support even when loaded heavier than recommended by Osprey.

Even though features are trimmed down, the Lumina retains three large, external pockets plus a lid. Like other packs with trampoline-style suspension, the frame protrudes into the interior space making it a bit tricky to load. The ultralight fabric on parts of the pack needs to be treated gently to avoid tearing.

Wife want hot sex Osprey

It's is an advanced model, deed for a specific use and is best suited for women who know what they need in the backcountry and have already pared down their kit to the essentials. Read review: Osprey Lumina We are impressed by this beefy icon of the backpacking world. The Osprey Ariel is a go-to pack for heavy lo because it is just built to carry so dang much. The frame is strong and the load transfer to the hips is almost unparalleled. The pack is fully-featured with many pockets, straps, and access points giving you many options for organization.

And adjustable hipbelts and shoulder straps allow the pack to fit many body types. Strangely, the side pockets are so tight that even fairly narrow water bottles won't go in vertically but only through the horizontal entry point, neither will much else rendering them less useful than they could be. The Ariel isn't the pack to grab when trying to go fast and light. This almost 5-pound pack is built to carry heavy lo and make them feel lighter but is most certainly overkill for pack weights under 35 pounds. Read review: Osprey Ariel This review is brought to you by OutdoorGearLab contributor and full time traveller Elizabeth Paashaus and professional outdoor writer Meg Atteberry.

Elizabeth travels the country, seeking outdoor adventure with her family from canyon exploration in the deserts of Utah to thru-hiking Vermont's Long Trail. She has been backpacking for more than two decades, including all miles of the Appalachian Trail, a honeymoon thru-hike of the John Muir Wife want hot sex Osprey, and multi-week excursions in the canyons of Southern Utah.

Wife want hot sex Osprey

Her pack style varies from ultralight fastpacking mile days to hauling lo for her two daughters on multi-week trips in the backcountry. Elizabeth also spent over ten years working in outdoor stores fitting backpacks for women and men of all shapes, sizes, and experience levels.

Meg spends several months out of the year in the outdoors backpacking, hiking, climbing, and mountaineering. Her written work focuses on empowering others to get outside by teaching relevant outdoor skills and telling compelling stories of life in the outdoors.

As a writer, she spends nearly half the year in the outdoors, gaining experience and capturing stories for her clients. She heavily relies on backpacking packs not only for nights in the wild but also to tow heavy climbing and photography gear. We gave these packs a beating in the snowy Colorado mountains, the harsh desert landscape of the southwestern United States, and the muddy, rugged peaks of Vermont.

Meg relied heavily on the ability of each pack she tested to carry the burden of extra gear during a cold spring, pushing some of the packs to their limits. Elizabeth tested packs while carrying heavier lo of multiple people's food to support her young kids on the rugged New England trails. We began this review with thorough market research, scouring manufacturers' websites, and backpacking forums. We looked at hundreds of models before purchasing the top 14 models to put through the rigors of our hands-on testing.

Wife want hot sex Osprey

We identified four key performance areas to focus on. We paid attention to things like how easy it was to get the packs adjusted for different users, how comfortable they were when fully loaded, and the functionality of the pockets and features. The resulting review is a great starting point if you're in the market for a women's backpacking pack. Each pack has been rated and ranked on their comfort when carrying lo, how much they weigh, the functionality of each of their organizational systems, and their adjustability for varying body sizes and types.

Keep reading to find out all about the top performers. In this review, we tested packs that are deed specifically for a woman's body shape or offer interchangeable components to get the right fit for women. Many of these brands, like OspreyGranite Gearand Gregoryoffer a men's version of the same pack.

Women's models are shaped uniquely for a woman's torso. Typically the shoulder straps and back panels are narrower, the hip belts are curved or molded for curvier bodies, and the adjustment options are within the smaller size range of women. A woman's center of gravity is typically lower than a man's, and women's specific des will sometimes optimize load carrying with a lower, wider bag. These fit and sizing changes often make a women's specific model more comfortable and better fitting than a men's or unisex model.

These shifts all make a big difference as you log miles. Most women will find a women's specific pack to offer a better fit, but just because you are a woman and the pack says "women" doesn't mean it will be the right fit for you - or just because you are a male, doesn't mean that a women's pack won't be the best fit you can find. Women with larger frames and broader shoulders may find men's models to fit them better and men with narrower shoulders may find a more comfortable fit from a woman's pack. With any pack, it is worth spending the time to get the correct size and shape for your body type rather than just your biological sex.

While we only consider performance during product Wife want hot sex Osprey and scoring, we know that price matters too. While the best performing products win our top awards, our best value awards go to products that offer up the best balance of performance at a reasonable price.

In this review, the Osprey Renn 65 and the Gregory Octal 55 offer the best performance to value ratio. There are outliers on both ends of the price spectrum — like the Osprey Ariela high-performing yet also very costly pack. On the other hand, there are packs like Wife want hot sex Osprey Deuter AirContact Litewhich is a well-deed, durable pack for ificantly less.

How comfortable is this pack when fully loaded? What about when you've eaten up most of your food and aren't carrying much weight? Does the load sit on your hips? Does the suspension system allow for airflow behind your back?

Are there contact points that lead to discomfort, chaffing, or bruising? How do we feel about this pack after a grueling day on the trail? These are some of the questions we looked to answer while testing.

Wife want hot sex Osprey

The packs in this review are intended to carry your food and shelter on your back day in and day out, so comfort is essential. Fast and light backpackers often have to sacrifice a degree of comfort Wife want hot sex Osprey spaciousness for the sake of covering more ground more quickly, while the glampers of backpacking will happily carry more weight to cook a gourmet meal while seated in a chair by a lake at sunset and are more focused on a sturdy pack that rides comfortably even when heavily loaded.

The ULA Circuit tops the charts for comfort in our test. The Circuit's Wife want hot sex Osprey and padding deliver exceptional comfort for lo of all sizes. The Osprey Aura has also long been a favorite for its exceptional ventilation and hug-like fit. To get these scores, we evaluated the overall cushion and support of each backpack and how well the pack transfers the weight to your hips. Padding on both the shoulder straps and the hip belt is essential to help you avoid chaffing and enjoy all-day comfort. We also considered the width of the shoulder straps, along with their thickness.

Women with smaller shoulders may find a narrower strap gives them more freedom of movement, while broader chested women will appreciate the weight distribution of a wider strap. A pack's suspension system distributes weight across your shoulders and your hips, and relates directly to the pack's frame. Some packs accomplish this with a straight, rigid frame with one or two aluminum stays tied into the hip belt, allowing the weight to transfer down to the hips where you want it.

With a hip belt attached to the stay and frame, weight is easily transferred to the hips but be aware, in this style, if the hip belt doesn't tie closely enough to the frame, the lo can sag onto your shoulders. The Circuit and Ariel are two of our favorites that effectively use this suspension type. Some models like the Deuter AirContact Lite and most Gregory models have and extra curve of padding in the lower back, just above the waist belt.

To some, this feature is a welcome help in carrying heavy lo while, to others, it's a jutting lump in the lower back. This feature really emphasizes the variety of body types out there. Put one of these packs on, and you'll know which one you are. Other packs accomplish this weight distribution using a curved frame de that rests against your shoulder blades and hips while opposing the natural curve of your back in between. Look toward the Osprey Lumina or the Gregory Octal for examples of this style back panel.

Stand-off mesh back panels, like on the Osprey Aura and Rennallow airflow and let your back breathe. The packs that offer the most breathability tend to be preferred for warmer climates and folks who tend to run hot. The space between the body and the main compartment doesn't compromise any stability except with cumbersome pack lo. The closer the pack is to the body, the better it will contribute to stability under heavy weight. Beyond a pack's suspension, the shape, padding, and adjustability of the hip belt and shoulder straps also contribute to its comfort.

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Models like the Arielthe Circuitand the Deuter Aircontact provide thickly padded hip belts that help soften the squeeze. Ultralight contenders like the Lumina and the REI Flash cut down the padding to save weight, and also, because its users will be carrying lighter lo, the extra padding isn't always a necessity. For women with larger hips, models with extendable padding go a long way to add comfort. The Gregory Maven and the Osprey Aura are two that we tested where you can extend the padding out, so it wraps farther around wider hips.

Wife want hot sex Osprey

Keep in mind that packs are deed around ideal weight lo. While most are capable of comfortably carrying an array of weights, some work with a broader range than others. Generally speaking, the lighter the pack is, the more comfortably it carries light lo, and the heavier it is, the more comfortably it carries heavy lo.

There are obvious exceptions like the light and highly comfortable ULA Circuitbut generally, light packs will begin to sag uncomfortably under heavy lo. Selecting a pack that fits your body type and planned weight lo is the hardest and most important step. Our biggest word of caution is — don't think about any other aspects other than capacity and comfort until you have found a pack that feels great when fully loaded. First, we weighed each of these packs in-house. Then, throughout this review, we packed each model with very similar lo as we headed out on test trip after test trip.

Because we were carrying similar weights, we were able to objectively compare the feel of each model. We also packed the bags with additional, heavy, and bulky items to see how the packs handled heavier lo and bulky gear. We checked each model for its ability to carry a bear canister both vertically - most can accommodate that - and horizontally, something only a few larger packs can manage. This review includes some very lightweight models that blow Wife want hot sex Osprey rest of the packs out of the water. The Osprey Lumina 60 is one of the very lightest, weighing only 1.

Wife want hot sex Osprey

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