Where are all the trouble hot dates

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In this excerpt, she diagnoses some common dating problems and explains the underlying causes. Which is why identifying yourself and the types of people you commonly date is so important.

Where are all the trouble hot dates

Spend some time there to find out what type of dater you are and what type of dater has been your type. Chances are your trouble with dating is a symptom of other problems — larger, deeper emotional issues that are at the core of who you are.

Those larger and deeper emotional issues — your core — will be covered in depth in the next section of the book, but first you need to identify them.

Where are all the trouble hot dates

Taking a cold, hard look at yourself and developing a deeper understanding of who you are and why is one of the most important and fundamental parts of the process of finding love. Some problems are easier to solve than others. Some clients come to me with issues that are relatively easy to fix once those issues are identified.

Where are all the trouble hot dates

Starting a fitness program or weight loss program might be just the spark they need to get them back on track and feeling better about themselves. But for most of the people I see and for most of you reading this book, a few basic, fundamental — and relatively easy to fix — problems are the most common causes of dating difficulties. Case study 1 Outward behavior: Extreme pickiness Underlying cause: Fear of being hurt — again Dating is a process of selection, from scanning a room full of potentials in a crowded bar to deciding in the first few minutes of a first date whether the person sitting across from you is your type.

Being selective in your choices is a necessary and healthy part of finding love. Being careful in your screening process can weed out certain types who might not be good for you, people who are dishonest or self-centered or who send up other red flags when you meet them and start to get to know them. Having a certain level of choosiness can protect you from getting involved in bad relationships.

Where are all the trouble hot dates

They claim to prefer guys who are a certain height, or women who have a certain color eyes and like a certain kind of music or sport or cuisine. Within reason, these short lists of preferences help us narrow down our search for love and help us find a person who will be good company, someone we can go out and do things with, and who might become something more. These clients walk in with a long list of requirements that go far beyond the normal and acceptable list of preferences we all have.

They have long lists of required qualities, physical attributes, financial offerings, and sexual performance levels that they measure potential partners against. Or a hot bod when they could stand to lose a few. In fact, their lists have usually hurt them. Lots of picky daters have lots of Where are all the trouble hot dates. Both factors were the case with Cynthia, a client of mine in her late forties. Cynthia was wary of getting involved again and had convinced herself that making a list of requirements for a future relationship would help her be more careful and make better choices when it came to dating.

Other picky daters are like another client, Elyse, who was pushing fifty and had never been married. The more we talked, the more I realized that the root of her pickiness was a troubled relationship with her father, who had always been extremely critical of her looks and almost always forgot her birthday.

Who in their right mind would want to get involved with a woman who had such a long list of demands? No one could ever measure up to all the requirements and no one would want to even if they could. Which is why I have real empathy for my clients, especially for this particular type of dater. Just a lot of sarcasm and hard edges. Sometimes the roots for this inability to flirt go deep. Like being nice. But just as important as mastering basic dating skills or at least practicing them a few times is getting this type of woman to face her lifelong insecurity and cripplingly low self-esteem — issues that have plagued her most of her life and have affected her ability to date.

Busy types remind me of my brother, who we used to call Five-Job Jimmy because, well, he had a lot of jobs. These are usually great guys — warm, honest, and fun to be around. Like my brother, Jimmy, did when we were growing up, Mr. Busy types either have one really demanding job, or two or three jobs they juggle. On the rare occasions that Mr. And just as with other types of daters, Mr. Being too busy to date is another garage door behavior because packing your schedule with too many activities and obligations and plans prevents you from having a relationship.

Most of the time, these problems are easy to fix. New clothes, a trip to the salon, ing a gym and committing to a healthier lifestyle are sometimes all it takes to get someone off the couch and into the dating world. And almost always problems with appearance have a lot, if not everything, to do with self-esteem — a ificant breakup or rejection or some other kind of major incident that has shaken their self-confidence enough to make them want to hide.

Crazy hair, sloppy or eccentric or outdated clothes, and too much weight are the perfect covers under which to hide. Get Over Yourself Solution: Deal with your wounds — rejection or anger or sadness or loneliness. Make a few long- overdue improvements to your appearance and commit to changing some of your unhealthy health habits so that you can feel better about yourself and stop hiding from the love you deserve. Most of the people who fall into this category are second-time arounders — women and men who are divorced and reentering the dating world after long marriages.

Other people who fall into this category are more commitment-phobic and narcissistic than sad and lonely because of a change in relationship status. The Party Boy or Player is usually motivated by not wanting to grow up and because of that he wants to keep dating younger and younger girls to feel young and free for as long as possible. Case study 6 Outward behavior: Too promiscuous Underlying causes: Low self-esteem, still getting over an ex, anger issues Similar to the Age Inappropriate Dater, the dater who is too easy and overly promiscuous is having trouble in the booty-call department.

Casual sex and one night stands are relatively new for women, by-products of the sexual revolution and one of the things the modern woman has become all too familiar with. Lots of women think of booty calls as a Where are all the trouble hot dates the success of feminism. Promiscuity — whether in the form of club- and bar-hopping one night stands or texting old flames for a late-night house call — is a of an unhealthy ego or unresolved emotional issues in both men and women.

Hooking up indiscriminately and way too often is what people who are afraid of intimacy do: they guarantee their own failure at dating by sleeping with anyone they can get their hands on.

Where are all the trouble hot dates

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Where are all the trouble hot dates

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