Single hispanic man looking for ltr

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The s go like this: Very few single black women — just a quarter of those surveyed — said they were looking for long-term relationships, or LTRs.

Single hispanic man looking for ltr

But on the flip side, nearly 43 percent of single black men said they're looking for a long-term partner. The survey asked questions about a wide range of topics, including communities, finance and dating. Respondents between 18 and 49 years old who were divorced, widowed or never married were asked whether they were currently seeking a long-term romantic commitment, and therein lay the gender skew.

It's important to note that the majority of both sexes — 57 percent — said they were not looking for long-term relationships. When that data on dating is shared with Kristin McDonald, she is incredulous.

Single hispanic man looking for ltr

McDonald is gathered with her black women's book club at a popular eatery in Brooklyn. Like McDonald, the members are all in their 30s and mostly single. McDonald and the other women in the group say that they interpreted the term "long-term relationship" as meaning a prelude to marriage.

But why are so few women looking? McDonald says a lot of her girlfriends were raised by single moms; marriage wasn't modeled in their homes, and today it seems unlikely. It just makes you feel like, 'Damn! Dannette Hargraves says she wants to go the distance with someone. According to Robert Blendon, a professor at the Harvard School of Public Health who co-directed the survey, economic considerations might explain part of the gap.

He says African-Americans are more likely than whites to want financial security in their long-term partners.

Single hispanic man looking for ltr

That also affects the choice for long-term partner. And Blendon says these figures could have some real implications for the future of black families. So what do men think of these s? A few neighborhoods over in Crown Heights, a group of guys — all somethings — are sitting at a pub.

Milton Appling is single and looking for something long-term. But, he insists, it depends on what you mean by "long term. Brook Stephenson, who is also single and looking, says he feels that most men don't have a good opinion of marriage but are still looking forward to long-term relationships. They just want to be with her. For however long that rocks, you know? But Serge Negri says he's on the path to a long-term relationship; he's found someone he really likes and things are getting pretty serious. It's been six months, so one milestone.

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By Christopher Johnson. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn. Christopher Johnson. Related Content. NPR News. Gene Demby. Despite being buffeted by high unemployment and the recession in recent years, African-Americans expressed high levels of life satisfaction and optimism for the future.

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Single hispanic man looking for ltr

Income and wealth inequality is just about as American as baseball and apple pie. And although the economy has improved in the last few years, the unemployment rate for black Americans is about double that for whites. Karen Grigsby Bates. African-American and Mexican, Nick Gabaldon carved a path for surfers of color. He died inbut access to surfing can still be limited. Hansi Lo Wang. The heart of Tornado Alley is home to one of the fastest-growing Latino populations in the country.

After last week's devastating twister, the community faces some unique challenges — including protecting vital documents and overcoming the fear of asking for help. Load More.

Single hispanic man looking for ltr

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3. Public attitudes about today’s dating landscape