Sexy white butch women shaved heads

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Image via Instagram. And today, inmy theory is that lesbians cut their hair short because it looks really sexy.

Sexy white butch women shaved heads

So be it. Only in the right places, mind: eyelashes, and head.

Sexy white butch women shaved heads

A woman with long hair is such a default, that to get a crew cut, a side-panel, a buzz-cut, a strip of hair shaved off on the underside of your head, where no-one but your lover will find it, is considered a departure from femininity. Plus, the rules are so wobbly, so encouragingly accepting, that lesbian hair is basically whatever women want it to be, whatever they think looks sexy to other women, and, perhaps, whatever makes men feel excluded. Sorry, guys, you get lesbian porn, we get lesbian life. I asked a bunch of lesbian friends -- because asking friends for favors is our culture -- the haircuts they consider most sum up their lesbianism.

See, the definitions are as bent as we are, and everyone is prized.

Sexy white butch women shaved heads

While butches with their short hair heroically bound outside the restrictive frame of the male gaze, femmes with their long hair battle the notion that to tow one line is to tow them all. When lesbians are, by virtue of being women, universally filtered through the male gaze, neither attention or repulsion is preferable.

Though hair can be used as an important ifier of sexuality, social media has enabled easier ways to make ourselves known, and what we share, what defines us, is so much more than follicle-deep. I wanted to play kiss-chase at my single-sex school without feeling a ponytail bob on my head.

Sexy white butch women shaved heads

I wanted to pretend I was a little boy called Billy, because boys seemed to have it easier. I had no idea what a lesbian was, but I knew exactly what was expected of girls each and every time a hairdresser refused to cut my ginger ringlets off. Funnily enough, she ended up leaving her husband for another woman. My bid to leap out of one box, to feel more comfortable with myself, only tipped me into another, far scarier box.

It was only in my late teens, when a hairdresser went a little too far and left me with the sort of mullet only ever ly seen on Danny from McFly, that my hair went short again. Once that difficult stage was over, and the hair got past my ears, work became easier, as colleagues considered me softer, and were hard enough to tell me so. I still have, though, that little undercut underneath, a four-finger-width band of bald on the nape.

Nestled in there is hope, that one day, like Lena, I can once again be brave enough to go as short as her, as bold as her, as beautiful as her. To ask that the world mould to fit me, not the other way around. We're fans not critics.

Sexy white butch women shaved heads Sexy white butch women shaved heads

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why shaved hair is such an important part of the lesbian identity