Sex on your rag

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Having sex on your period is possible, and it can sometimes be even more pleasurable. Here are some tips for having sex while on your period while feeling as comfortable as possible. Letting go of your fear of making a mess can actually improve your sexual experience. And not just during your period. Studies have shown that people who have higher arousal are less grossed out by bodily fluids and 'messy period sex,'" psychologist and sex therapist Shannon Chavez told Glamour. While it's not possible for everyone, by trying to embrace the messiness and just being in the moment, you can set yourself up for a more carefree and enjoyable experience.

While some consider menstrual blood to be a natural lubricant, your menstrual cycle can actually lower your body's natural lubrication levels. Felice Gersh, M. So, using some form of extra lubrication can make sex on your period a bit more comfortable. : 8 things to know about having sex while on your period. Your body won't actually stop menstruating while you're submerged in water, but physics works in your favor.

As Tonic reports, the water pressure can stop blood from flowing out. While you may still experience some bleeding during sex, Sex on your rag sex in the bath can potentially be more comfortable and make for less of a mess. If it makes you feel more comfortable, you can try having oral or anal sex while keeping your tampon in. And, in some cases, it can make sex more enjoyable.

Sex on your rag

But, if you're having vaginal intercourse it's generally safer to remove your tampon first. Sometimes period-related bloating can make you feel uncomfortable, and some foods can make it worse. According to Healthline, salty snacks such as chips and pretzels, refined carbs like white flour and pasta, and sweet stuff like candy and chocolate can all lead to more fluid volume in your body.

Sex on your rag

So avoiding foods that can exacerbate water retention could help you feel less bloated and potentially more comfortable during sex. : 11 foods that can prevent or relieve bloating. If the idea of getting blood on your sheets is causing you added stress, you may want to consider spending a few bucks on a set of dark-colored or black sheets that won't show stains as readily.

Plus, they may be easier to clean afterward. Though you will have Sex on your rag make sure that you and your partner stay on the covered area, the towels will protect your sheets and mattress from extra staining and you can just toss them into your laundry pile afterward. There's a lot going on while you're menstruating, which can make certain sexual positions can feel different than normal. If you find that your favorite position is suddenly uncomfortable, try something new to find what works. Lying on your side with your partner behind you can be a good position to try during your period, advises Healthline.

Increased blood flow to your pelvic area during your period can also make you extra sensitive, so take things slowly if you need to. Keep in mind that it is possible to get pregnant during your period. You're also more susceptible to contracting an STI during your period. According to Health, the environment inside your vagina is less acidic than on non-period days. This makes it easier for microbes to survive and multiply in your reproductive tract. Your cervix is also slightly open during menstruationincreasing the likelihood that bacteria or viruses will travel into the uterus.

Plus, the increase in bodily fluids means that your partner is also at greater risk of contracting any STIs that you are carrying. So if you want to avoid STIs and pregnancy, you'll probably want to use some sort of barrier protection method during period sex.

: 9 birth control questions you've been too afraid to ask, answered by a gynecologist. If you have anxiety surrounding having sex during period, talking to your partner about it might alleviate some of the embarrassment or nervousness you might feel. Change the Cycle recommends having an open conversation with your partner about how comfortable you both feel about having period sex. If your partner has never had a period, they might be wondering if it hurts you to have sex during that time of Sex on your rag month or if it's even safe.

Give them the facts and keep the lines of communication open. Of course, you don't need a partner to have sex. It's perfectly safe to masturbate while on your period. Plus, according to Planned Parenthood, masturbating while you're menstruating can sometimes help relieve cramps. Just be extra cautious about cleaning your sex toys, as blood can be a bacterial mediumDr. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. Get the Insider App. A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation.

Sex on your rag

Sophia Mitrokostas. Embrace the potential messiness. You may want to use extra lubrication. You may feel comfortable having sex in a bath. For some types of sex, you can leave your tampon in. Avoiding foods that can make you feel more bloated could make you feel more comfortable.

If you're stressed about the mess-factor, lay out some dark-colored towels or sheets. You might want to experiment with different sexual positions to find what's most comfortable. Don't forget to consider birth control and STI protection. Talk to your partner about your feelings around period sex. If you opt for solo sex, remember to take extra care with cleaning your sex toys. Sex Evergreen story.

Sex on your rag

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Yes, It's Completely Safe To Have Oral Sex On Your Period.