Needs a shower partner

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What proportion of couples in relationships shower alone versus together? October 12, AM Subscribe Couples: do you shower alone, or together? And why, or why not? Just trying to get a cross-section of the population here. I've showered with lovers before, of course, Needs a shower partner I seem to be one of the only people among my circle of friends who doesn't continue to shower with my partner daily.

I actually don't see the point unless it's a sexual situation. I couldn't imagine just showering away, in a totally routine manner, with somebody else. I enjoy my alone time! Am I a prude? I've been with my partner for 5 years now and at this point I'd actually feel strange sharing a shower I don't think that taking separate showers in everyday life makes you a prude, nomnomnom. I'll shower with my boyfriend as a prelude to sexy times, but in regular day-to-day life I would only jump in if I had to be somewhere quickly and needed a shower that very instant. Shower's too crowded otherwise.

People who are at the steam end get cranky. Ugh, god no. I'd be totally nonfunctional if it turned into manage-resources-in-a-small-shared-space-with-another-human time. People shower with their partner every day? That is one of the weirdest things I have ever heard. Hell, no. When I'm coupled, I do both. It's excellent to have naked-together-but-not-sexy-time, but sometimes you just want to shower by yourself.

Needs a shower partner

No way, someone is always left in the cold part of the shower or waiting to rinse. Not as much fun as it sounds. I'm with amicamentis. The only time this would happen would be a sunday morning. Other than that, you run the risk of either crankiness if your partner was in a hurry, or one-thing-leading-to-another-ness and then you're both late. Besides if you make it routine it's not as fun when you want it NOT to be routine.

In my last long-term serious relationship It just depended on our schedules and what we were doing prior to the shower. I do enjoy a solitary shower. Its nice and cozy and can be a effective way to build trust in an intimate but non-sexual way. My shower is about the size of a phone booth so there's barely enough room to trade out for the "towards the shower head" end of things. Also, the angle of things is such that for me to wash my face or hair, my wife gets hit in the face by the overspray.

And then there's all the acreage that couldn't be washed without elbowing one another. We also both have our own toothbrush. Taking for me an Mrs Rus its not really feasble due to a one year old daughter even before that we took separate showers as one of us ends up getting cold and for me its one of the few times of the day that is totally mine so I normally use it to have a think about the day ahead or just enjoy the sensation of water and turn off for a few minutes posted by rus at AM on October 12, While sharing space, if we're both dirty, boyfriend and I shower together.

Mostly the cranky one at the steam end is responsible for back scrubbing, and it works as long as the conditioner needs to soak You're not against showering Needs a shower partner, you just don't want to do it everyday.

Needs a shower partner

What population, the Global, Australia or just the West? Doing a Google search for "percentage of couples who shower together" mostly brings up hits about baby showers. There is Yahoo Answers question, "Do all couples shower together on occasion?

Needs a shower partner

If showers were deed with two he, at either end, I bet people would shower together more often. Hell, that would actually be pretty cool, each person could have their own temperature and water flow, while still sharing the same space.

Needs a shower partner

Put me in the "showering together" camp. But it happens fairly often, and usually has nothing to do with sex before or after. It's just a nice way to share som time and space together. If nothing else, it's great to have someone to scrub your back. We used to, depending on our schedule, but a recent move made our showers a whole lot smaller.

Basically, if the choice was waking up a half hour earlier to fit two showers in before we had to be somewhere in the morning, then we'd shower together. Otherwise, shower separate.

Needs a shower partner

This, too. I like when MuddDude washes my back. Whenever we have access to a bigger bathtub we bathe together, and often squeeze into our tiny one at home even though we can't comfortably fit, but shower? Different stages of grooming may go on in the bathroom, ie - him in the shower, me at the sink or vice versa.

As often as possible for the Mrs. We shower at night before going to bed and it's a nice way to end the day. Occasionally we have to shower separately Needs a shower partner schedules permit but I find those showers far less enjoyable. We've done informal polls amongst coupled friends and we were the only ones. Like several above, we have a tiny shower, so only if we're staying in a hotel with a nce spacious, multi-headed shower. If we had one of those at home then I think we'd shower together Needs a shower partner the time. Almost never, for two reasons 1 our schedules are very different 2 we are not people who find it sexy or otherwise fun.

We're just not water people. Also, I'm trying to just get clean, you know? To me showering is completely utilitarian. I don't like trying to work around another person. In the morning, I don't even want to talk to another person. We do it only when we happen to be trying to get ready at the same time, in a super hurry.

In both my former "serious" relationships we showered together, in the first we shared it more often than we didn't. In my current relationship it's a definite rarity. I think we've done it twice in a year of dating. I'm not sure why, but I would guess that's it's a combination of schedule, space, and privacy. I think I like it better this way. I would hate to shower with my husband every day and I know he'd hate it as well.

As many have said, it's no fun for the person who's not currently under the spray. We do shower together very occasionally but that is only because it's nice to get a blowjob in a warm shower. Or so I hear. We'll shower together sometimes, but less often than not. We also have a fundamental temperature disagreement problem: she wants to boil, and I in her words want ice water, so that does make it slightly more difficult. When I jumped into this thread I was expecting to see many answers along this line.

I like showering together, but my SO prefers showering apart. I don't really prefer it because of sexiness, but as Frank Zappa told his kids because showering together saves water, as well as time. I think Mr. WanKenobi just gets annoyed when he has to wait awhile to rinse. My girlfriend and I have live together for 2 years and we only occasionally shower together.

Needs a shower partner

On weekdays, we wake up at different times, but even on weekends I think we both prefer to shower alone. If we're in a rush to get someplace on a weekend, we'll shower together, but in general our shower is just too small for two people and my girlfriend doesn't like shower sex. My husband loves co-bathing. I don't mind, particularly because he sings little songs in the shower that makes me laugh, so I like Needs a shower partner there for them. But it isn't the most efficient shower in the world.

Though of course my boobs are always very, very clean afterwards. I'm with the majority here - an occasional t shower is fun, but for the most part I prefer showering alone. If nothing else, it's a time of day thing - one of us is a morning showerer, the other prefers nighttime, neither of us is inclined to change. I might change my mind if I ever had a big Needs a shower partner shower with two shower-he to alleviate the "someone's always standing out of the water being cold" thing, but that's highly unlikely while we live in this house.

If we're both in a rush to go somewhere, it makes sense. Sometimes we do it just because it's nice. We would shower together more earlier in the relationship, before we figured out that shower sex just does not work -- partly because of our heights, and partly because the slipperiness of the floor! So when we shower together now, it's either a speed thing or a pleasant thing, but not really a sexual thing. Mostly after sex, generally not out of the blue. More often than not. When else do I get to give him a Ferris-Bueller-esque mohawk? We also like to bring the cats in the shower with us, but they are party-poopers.

Mine, too. For now, though, it's a rarity. It isn't much faster than showering separately, because only one person can be under the water at a time in our shower. Taking baths together is a lot nicer, with a lot more body contact and time to relax. Mostly when we shower together, it's a case of one person taking a shower and the other person jumping in before they are done, and staying on after the first person finishes.

So it's more like shower-overlapping than a true showering together from the beginning. You get the intimacy of bathing together, without the logistical problems of trying to both shampoo at once. I used to live in a house that had a fantastic shower. Room for two under the showerhead, lots of light, shelves for shampoo, etc. In that house, many, if not most, showers were two-person.

So I'm sure that if I moved to a place like that, or rebuilt my bathroom around a luxurious shower stall, that co-showering would again become the norm here. Holy shit. Shower time is alone time. When we redid our bathroom we put in a vast shower with multiple water outlets, a la the "human car wash" idea, definitely room for two with no chance that someone would be standing in the cold, waiting for their chance to get under the water. Just the same, there has been no increase in co-showering. It's just not efficient, and even after twenty years of marriage, I think we both like having moments such as "shaving armpits" and "washing butt" as non-spectator sports.

Needs a shower partner

About half of those turned into or stemmed from sexual situations. With my wife before marriage? Well after marriage?

Needs a shower partner

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