More than friends but not fwb

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Some forums can only be seen by registered members. View detailed profile Advanced or search site with Search Forums Advanced. You're trying to push him into relationship territory and he's not going to jump on board. If he was looking for a relationship, you would not be on his radar as you're not his type. He's making it clear to you that he does not see you in a relationship way, so take him at his word and either continue to enjoy him as FWB or move on to a guy that does want a relationship with you. Whatever you decide, you're not going to change his mind about you.

Once he finds someone he does want a relationship with, he's going to disappear on you. So get prepared. Seemed like a good idea at the time? I think that some people who enter into a FWB relationship believe that they can handle it, or they'll agree to just about anything to get with that other person Everything is going great and then one or the other develops feelings unintentionally and the whole thing goes south.

The heart wants what the heart wants! Let's face it FWB relationships are as Sade sings "No place for beginners or sensitive hearts". Not everyone's cup of tea, but if one can stay the course of being true to their convictions They can be quite satisfying.

More than friends but not fwb

I've been in one for a year and it's been pretty awesome. I do believe in all sorts of grey areas, or maybe just that every pairing is More than friends but not fwb bit different and some of us are making up the rules as we go. I've got a lover now who is a bit more than a FWB, a bit less than a "relationship" Probably will be for many years to come. So there's another couple he has been courting, that we have all spent time together twice now. He is all crushy-feely for the female half, but she is really into me.

I don't know if the husband even knows what to think, but he's willing to go along with whatever his wife wants, because she's the dominant personality there. My lover and I I think that we are one another's primary go to for sex at the moment, but I don't think either of us would be jealous if that were to change. What is that? Who cares?? But to address the OP's topic, we recently had a conversation where he told me that I would be extremely sexy with breast implants. I was interested in his honest opinion on this, and he gave it to me.

With that kind of friendship dynamic, a guy ought to feel free to tell you what he thinks. So yours doesn't normally date heavier gals, and you're pretty much on the threshold of what he is willing to accept With the thing between you where it stands, you don't have the right to demand that he love you no matter what. Or even that he love you, honestly, beyond a certain point.

I suspect you're getting a case of the feels for this fellow, and he isn't doing the same for you Buy some Kleenex and chocolate ice cream, you'll need it. Obviously, every guy wants his girlfriend look good. So, his ugh did not really mean anything. Why are you settling? Why is he?

More than friends but not fwb

The Big Lebowski Dude. From a guy who has had numerous FWB "relationships" with women: I can relate to a lot of what's being said here. Speaking from experience, FWB can be "tricky", for lack of a better word - i.

More than friends but not fwb

I guess my point here is that both parties have to want the same thing for a FWB to work. If one or the other starts feeling differently, you have to really re-examine what's going on before someone's feelings get hurt.

Originally Posted by Sommie Originally Posted by reneeh If he is not into chubby, he is not into chubby. Should he have lied and said "keep eating, I don't care" and then leave you later on when you feel so secure that you let yourself go and gain weight that becomes unattractive to him? At least he was honest.

LS Jaun.

More than friends but not fwb

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More than friends but not fwb

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