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To qualify, homes must be built within the past year and be in Saratoga County. Last year, 3, people visited a display of 14 homes from 11 builders. It has really become a fall tradition over the three weekends. In addition to building the homes, the builders have to pay a fee to be in the showcase. Last year we had music too. Not open to the public, the Judges Tour is an all-day affair.

Maple-springs-NY adult matchmaker

Three luxury buses will be filled with realtors, judges and sponsors and leave from the Saratoga Performing Arts Center at 8 a. Of the participants, a select of judges will go through and judge on a variety of —bathrooms, architectural de, interior de, etc. The judges decisions will be revealed at an awards ceremony the following Thursday at the Vapor Night Club, filled with music, dinner and cocktails. Corporate sponsorships are now available and showcase home reservations are currently in progress. For a sponsorship opportunities packet or for information about entering a Maple-springs-NY adult matchmaker home in the event, contact Potoker at or This address is being protected from spambots.

I took one look at her products, and had to tell her:. This was my idea. The shocked look on her face was quickly replaced by another smile and a knowing nod. Apparently, this was not the first time she heard something similar. Well, it says here that Kerri and Robin Morgan better get used to similar reactions and also a lot of delight.

Maple-springs-NY adult matchmaker

They took a simple idea and took it out four new flavor doors— with more to come. Behold Brew Salt. A homegrown product manufactured in small batches with unlimited potential. Available in lime, habanero, chocolate and bacon flavors. An idea refined from your Uncle Vito at the Elks Lodge putting table salt in his Genny Cream Ale, combined with the growing love of all things craft brewing, Brew Salt stands poised to add zingy exclamation points to pints from coast to coast.

Indeed, the skillsets of these two local entrepreneurs are perfectly balanced. They met three years ago by happenstance when Robin moved to the area and made a random hair appointment.

Maple-springs-NY adult matchmaker

By the time the rinse and blow-dry was done, a partnership was born. Their respective partners supplement them handily: Patrick McGowin and James Morgan provide beer acumen and financial expertise. Or vice versa, and perhaps on occasion, both. In the meantime, the team is making PR visits to taverns and retail establishments locally.

A major perk of the job — every day is TGIF in their world. So it should be no surprise to soon see the Brew Salt shakers, with their distinctive bowler and handlebar moustaches on the shelves of discerning specialty stores, or adjacent to the Bloody Mary condiments on the finest bars. The effervescence of Kerri and Robin matches the effervescence of their product in your glass.

Recommended Brew Salt Beer Parings:. Nut Brown: Chocolate. Or: Mix it up! Displaying items by tag: divorce Subscribe to this RSS feed. Published in News. A major perk of the job — every day is TGIF in their world So it should be no surprise to soon see the Brew Salt shakers, with their distinctive bowler and handlebar moustaches on the shelves of discerning specialty stores, or adjacent to the Bloody Mary condiments on the finest bars. Credit quality improved as measured by both net charge-offs and delinquent loans.

Deposits, excluding assets held in trust, grew 1. The Adirondack Trust Company is an independent, employee and locally owned and operated community bank offering a wide variety of business and personal services. The bank offers trust, insurance and investment services and originates real estate mortgages, both residential and commercial, and commercial business loans throughout its market area. Bars will have specials on Labatt Blue and will be giving away Labatt jerseys, hoodies, etc.

Free Shuttle from the Gideon to Saratoga Downtown. Locations: Broadway and Congress. Plus, hang out at the West Side location on Friday at 7 p. The money raised from these events helps fund awards programs, service projects and grants to the community. Visit Maple-springs-NY adult matchmaker website to register and book a room, www. Last year, the show welcomed over 1, guests. Over 50 vendors will be displaying their vast variety of wares. Register on our website to reserve your seats and with the help of artist instructors and wineyou will take home your version of this classic masterpiece.

Classes are offered as snow conditions allow from —8 p. All ages and families are welcome. In addition to a one-mile candlelit loop, the park will be offering ice skating and hot food and drinks. Snowshoes will be available to rent. This event will take place at the Warming Hut. This is a weather dependent event. Call Alli Schweizer atext. Live music and raffles. As the chief law enforcement officer for 14 police agencies in a county ofpeople, Murphy runs an office of 21 assistant district attorneys, 5 investigators, a crime victims unit and as well as a of support staff functions.

He and his assistants prosecuted nearly 10, criminal cases last year along with a staggering 96, vehicle and traffic offenses in the 44 justice courts in Saratoga County as well as Saratoga County Court Maple-springs-NY adult matchmaker grand jury. By ing with law enforcement, not for profits, community agencies, schools, parents and government officials we can work together to make our community safer. I attribute that to the hard work of the men and women in my office and their close relationship with the police officers and their extraordinary work.

I proudly stand with my partners in law enforcement who dedicate themselves to doing the right thing to make sure the correct person is charged, that criminal cases are thoroughly investigated and that the interests of justice are served in each and every case. As a result, claims by defendants of «coerced confessions» by police have vanished. Hearings on voluntary confessions have been reduced to the defense attorney and the judge watching the recording, with very few witnesses, ificantly reducing court time.

The idea is that defendants would not be required to be transported from jail to justice courts throughout the county, ultimately saving on manpower, overtime, court time, fuel and enhancing safety and security of the inmate. A two-way teleconferencing feature would allow the defendant and all parties including the judge to see and talk to one another remotely. Note to Readers: We invite your thoughts and s. Please keep your comments Maple-springs-NY adult matchmaker words or less and them no snail mail please with a phone to confirm to This address is being protected from spambots.

Maple-springs-NY adult matchmaker

What a dilemma Saratoga Springs is faced with. If Rensselaer is chosen for a casino, then Saratoga Casino and Raceway will be destroyed! If Saratoga Casino is gone — what will replace it? Saratoga will not get the revenue it has bee accustomed to receiving. It would be interesting to know how the Saratoga hotels and restaurants do during the winter months. SPAC, of course, is idle. Other than the Victorian Streetwalk, First Night, Chowderfest and the Flurry there is not much going on downtown in the winter.

A casino with entertainment could help fill the gaps and even help downtown if there was a deated area like a visitors center that promoted downtown Saratoga. John J. Look at the places near casinos that are dark and struggling. The Chamber event was an infomercial for the first hour! Skip Carlson and Rita Cox were sweetly promising to live in harmony with Saratoga, but a casino, convention center, hotel, and restaurants would try to keep their patrons there and would be in competition. Robert W. Ask Maple-springs-NY adult matchmaker if they remember horse racing in Atlantic City?

Some will recall the Matchmaker, the United Nations Handicap and world-class racing and then the casinos came to make everything better Marilyn Lane Saratoga Springs A pragmatic approach is to establish a point that both parties can agree upon. Without a doubt, gambling brings risk: property value, crime, quality of life, infrastructure and tax risks to name a few.

In this model, true entrepreneurship prevails.

Maple-springs-NY adult matchmaker

If the pro casino faction balks, their self-serving greed will surface. If they accept, their points gain validity. With great decision-making power comes immense responsibility. Stephen D. Yet, to date, it seems NYRA is sitting this one out. At the casino forum, two thoroughbred breeders and one for the standardbreds represented horse interests. Collectively they tried to convey concerns of being left behind and told chilly stories of failed racetracks when a casino comes to town.

But where was NYRA? What say you NYRA? Robert M. Toole Saratoga Springs So my take on the meeting at the city center is that we still know very little about what the potential development of the acres really is. I think this meeting was nothing more than fluff from the development side. Why have we never embraced harness racing like we have thoroughbred racing? As a life-long resident do not recall any development of that part of racing to improve attendance.

What other options have been explored? I think it was abundantly clear the opposition to Casino expansion has made their presence known and as someone said; the large turnout for, against, and undecided does represent we are a concerned community; and hopefully we can all stay on this issue like flies on rice! We should we have a voice at the next meeting! Maple-springs-NY adult matchmaker saying

Maple-springs-NY adult matchmaker

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