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Jyeshtha Nagarik Live-In Relationship Mandal of Pune is looking at live-in relationships for older couples as a solution to loneliness. Asavari Kulkarni and Anil Yardi are like any other elderly middle-class couple. Kulkarni likes to cook, so there is some snack as well, usually a Kanda Pohathe Maharashtrian snack favourite.

On weekends and holidays, they like to watch plays, movies or go out to eat. Marriage can bring in expectation and ruin the relationship.

Made you laugh during married mature Whitefield movie

So why bother? The idea to start an organisation that encourages live-in relationships for older adults came to Damle through trial and error. He has an ancestral home in Wai, near Pune and runs an old age home for widowed seniors there. Most of the seniors there were alone and troubled, having lost their spouse. In most cases, children had an indifferent attitude to their loneliness. Damle felt marriage was a good idea. It worked initially but also came with the possibility of disapproving children and property issues, among other things. Why not live-in relationships, which can be more hassle-free, Damle thought.

Undeterred, Damle decided to start. Our first meeting saw 25 people, and gradually the s started increasing every month. One of our first couples met -Mr Bam and Mrs Ketkar — it was a boost for everybody. In the last six-seven years, JNLRM has successfully matched 39 couples despite their extremely stringent vetting process.

Once Damle has a good mix of candidates, they usually go on a picnic or road trip together, as it helps to break the ice. Most of the couples who met through them started by living in together for months before opting to get married, more often than Made you laugh during married mature Whitefield movie due to social expectations. Meena wanted to continue in the live-in relationship, but her partner felt otherwise, so they decided to get married after six months.

There is a good side to having someone to share her life with, but she misses her independent life. And I needed someone to wait for me back home. Kulkarni wanted someone with her at home too. Kulkarni and Yardi played it cautious. Finally, after months, Yardi moved in with Kulkarni. His office was closer to her home in Bibwewadi, and it made the most practical sense, though they also visit his residence in Hadapsar, a minute drive away.

Kulkarni has lived in the same apartment for the last 30 years. She shared the news with the same confidence and strength with which she took the decision. He works up to 7 pm on weekdays and Kulkarni, a retired LIC employee, spends her time visiting friends and doing her chores.

Both think the space they get the entire day helps. Not everyone has had as smooth a path. Lambe still wonders if she and Deo should have tied the knot due to social pressure. Damle believes a live-in arrangement is ideal for older couples as it gives them a sense of independence within the relationship and avoids complexities of marriage like property issues cropping up. He has met all sorts of people in the process, some outright hilarious — from an elderly man mainly looking for a housekeeper to a lady looking for an old man who is likely to pass away soon leaving the property to her.

Once he has matched a couple who wish to stay together, he insists on a notarized agreement, spelling out everything from who would be taking the responsibility to cook to whether finances would be shared tly. What helped him was the local media. The local Maharashtrian media has been very supportive. JNLRM is open to all, though Damle prefers residents of Pune and surrounding areas so that he can be in touch with the person comfortably. He charges Rs for men who are interested in starting the process of finding a partner.

There are no charges for women as Damle feels it is a massive step for many older women to even think of approaching the organisation. JNLRM is open to women over 45 and men over Damle wishes society was more open-minded and accepting of live-in relationships among older people.

Although children including one grandchild have met him looking for a partner for their parent, he has also come across many who have opposed. Because even if children are angry initially, sometimes they come around. Liked this story?

Made you laugh during married mature Whitefield movie

Very good work done by me Damle. Please inform me of such organisations in Delhi. Live in relationship, pleafollow the following steps to avoid frustration. My personal view is one should not go into this subjectbecause children of both companions may not like to part away with the property of their own parents. This may differ from person to person. Be politelove and care each other. Sex may not be possible by one of the partnerso dot get frustrated ,be generous. At this age we need a companion to talk to, for love and care and not for only sex.

I wish to tell such ladies please come out of all these taboosmake up your mind ,listen to your own mind. Vijayanand Temkar. Several people are in line to avail this type of liv in relation ship. Owing to various social and security factors they keep quite and avoid to share. In such a case either of genders has to take some social issues in mind albeit their feelings are genuine.

Hi, I am Smita 48yr beautiful lovingcaring and young heart Maharashtrian divorcee living in mumbai. Want to visit abroad and differant places. Want a companion from mumbai.

Made you laugh during married mature Whitefield movie

I saw profile of mr. Hi, I am Smita 48yr beautiful lovingcaring and young heart divorcee living in mumbai. Companion is needed to prevent many health hazards. The reasons why the best solution like live in region ship does not work out ,are many.

People should keep it in mind that we are in need of companion and not a helper or a maid. Respect every individual. Do your daily routine work on your own. Do not be a either finance or physical button to your companion. Manage your daily routine on your own. When staying togetherhelp and respect each other. Do not demand or treat your partner as your helper.

Manage your own finances ,do not depend on your companionit,s like soldgers contribution. Do not demand for security in terms of money deposit in bank or landed property or house. When both partners have clear concept of true companionship and they are very clear about their financial and remain away from Property Rights. Also most important do your job individually ,do not demand but willingly help each other.

Vijayanand Temkar Mo no Hi I am 67 years Engineer still working with own factories in Pune ,Looking for a good companion in the age group of Ladies and gentlemenI would like to request you all members of silver Talkies, that when we come to this platform ,it,s only thing that we need companion. When some one writes please put up your name ,and mobile. Please do not remain anonymous. Thanks friends. Vijayanand Temkar All members of SilverTalkies. Please take care of yourself and your family members in this period of optiona. Stay at home ,do not go out. Be fit and do not get scared.

And be away from rumors too. I Vijayanand Temkar mo. Thanks dear friends. Hi Friends, Yes. I got access to a unique database of destitute women from South India looking for live-in or remarriage. Mostly they are above 40 looking desperately for some support in life. I can share the database or filter to suit individual need. Wish to help senior citizens to stay connected and enjoy life, irrespective of age. Pls send profile to sripathiraj51 gmail.

Doing this service for friendship. I am comfortable to relocate to Bangalore if anyone ready to give me accommodation even in an orphanage. I can anchor and introduce a revolutionary idea in Second Innings for Made you laugh during married mature Whitefield movie above 50 in all.

The idea is amazingly new. My mail id is sripathiraj51 gmail. I can support in any city to make finding live-in partner soon thro two new and powerful channels. I live in Tamil Nadu, brahmin, 62 years, once an IT entrepreneur and now an author. I have rocking concepts to start second life with the new partner.

Made you laugh during married mature Whitefield movie

Anyone interested, pls send test mail to sripathiraj51 gmail. Quite relaxed. I am a simple, love-seeking person with humour in my blood. I love travel, music classical and old film songsbooks, swimming and new friends. Separated from a loving family in Coimbatore. What a loss in life?

I am craving for a family atmosphere again. Anyone ready to shake hands welcome.

Made you laugh during married mature Whitefield movie

email: [email protected] - phone:(235) 127-1381 x 7488

Are Live-In Relationships For Older Couples A Solution To Loneliness?