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There's small-town America, and then there's seriously small-town America, where the entire population has been hovering in the single digits for the past couple of decades. In one state, you'll find a town that's single-handedly run by an year-old woman, who pays taxes to herself and serves as the town's mayor, treasurer, tavern owner, and librarian.

Looking Real Sex Pillsbury North Dakota

Based on the Census Bureau's population estimates, these are the 50 most minuscule towns quietly tucked away in our country. And no, you won't find any unincorporated "towns" like Chevy Chase Section Five in middle-of-nowhere Maryland in these here parts. These are all the real deal.

Located right on the edge of Ringgold County, Beaconsfield incorporated as a town in Its population is going strong at 15 people. Fifteen people reside in this charming southern Maryland town, making it the smallest incorporated town in the state. And for ideas on some other fascinating places you should definitely pay a visit to, check out 30 Enchanting Hideaways in the U.

You've Never Heard of. There's not much to see in Kief, population: 14, beyond its quaint city hall building, pictured above. Established in the s by a creative entrepreneur, this Floridian hideaway was originally home to a "mermaid show" and even once held the distinction of being home to more "mermaids" than humans. Its population now rests at 13 humans, that is, not mermaids. Bill Bangert, a former St. Louis Golden Gloves champion, had high hopes for Champ when he helped to found it in the s, envisioning it would one day be a bustling city with an Olympic-class stadium. But that fate wasn't in the cards for this town, which now has a population of 13 people.

The Great Forks Herald reports that, sadly, Looking Real Sex Pillsbury North Dakota Ferry lost its sole church during a terrible flood. A total of 12 people now reside in this tiny North Dakota town. And for more on some slightly more populated locations across the U. According to the Oklahoma Historical Society, the residents of Loveland originally wanted the town to be called Harriston, but begrudgingly settled on Loveland in because the U.

Post Office claimed their first choice was already held by too many towns in the state. Today, 12 people reside in the Tillman County town. Featuring an Instagram-worthy harbor and, well, not much else, this Suffolk County town has a population of Though only 11 people officially reside in Pine Valley, New Jersey, the Camden County town receives a slew of visitors at its acclaimed golf course.

You'll find no Pillsbury Dough Boy here! Just a handful of people—11, to be precise—live in this Barnes County town. With a population of only 10 people, there's probably not much need for Cottownwood, South Dakota, to update their ramshackle jail pictured abovewhich just might date back to the town's founding in Aptly named for its proximity to the Missouri River, this town is the only portion of Jackson County located north of the river.

Ten people call River Bend, Missouri, their home. Founded inthis Nebraskan town has a population of 10 people—who are far outed by the surrounding cornstalks. A charming farming community, Waldron, Kansas, which rests on the southern border of Harper County, is home to 10 residents.

After suffering a series of hardships, including being forced to flee the massive amounts of flooding their town experienced during Hurricane Katrina, only nine people returned to live in McMullen, Alabama.

If nothing else, Grano, North Dakota, can offer passerby the option of a Coke or a Pepsi from the town's not one, but two vending machines—and if you're lucky, maybe the opportunity to visit with one of the town's nine residents. All is tranquil in Missouri's Peaceful Village, a town that includes a church campsite and a population of nine people. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that the village incorporated in so the campsite owner could have a more streamlined process for accessing the government in order to make improvements and changes to his property.

When your town only has a population of nine people like Loraine, North Dakota, does, three buildings are all you need. Perth's town hall and grain elevator are major assets for the nine people who reside in the tiny North Dakota town.

This church might be small, but we reckon it's probably large enough for the eight residents of Bergen, North Dakota, to squeeze into its pews. Though Lakeside's acre amusement park, which opened inis technically still open, only eight people officially call this Coloradan town home. Prairielands are all you're likely to see in the town of Artas, South Dakota—but if you're lucky, you might catch a glimpse of one of the town's eight residents. The population of South Park View, Kentucky, has steadily dwindled over the past few years, but the Jefferson County town is holding strong at a solid seven people for now.

Though Lambert's population has severely dwindled since World War II, a resilient six people continue to live in the Alfalfa County town. With Looking Real Sex Pillsbury North Dakota six people living in Lowry, you're guaranteed an unobstructed view of South Dakota's gently rolling hills—what's not to love? A population of five people keep each other company in the small community of Funkley, Minnesota. Tavistock, New Jersey, incorporated inconsists of a country club and nothing else.

It's home to just five people. As evidenced by the town's welcomeVerdon, South Dakota, is home to just five people.

Looking Real Sex Pillsbury North Dakota

We're not sure just how long Ruso's clapboard church building has been weathering the North Dakota winds—maybe you can ask if you stumble upon one of the town's four residents. We're willing to bet the nocturnal birds out the humans in Hoot Owl, Oklahoma, with its population of just four people. Those who wander in Lost Springs, Wyoming, are not lost—or at least the four people who actually live there aren't.

While Warm River, Idaho, is a prime vacationing spot, only three people permanently reside in the Fremont County community.

Looking Real Sex Pillsbury North Dakota

Lotsee, Oklahoma, is a bit unique in that the entire "town" consists of Flying G Ranch and the husband-wife duo who run it—making the population of two a bit more understandable. We're willing to bet there might be just enough room for the two people living in Gross, Nebraska, to fit into that community hall building. Monowi, Nebraska, America's only incorporated town to have a population of just one person, is run by a spirited octogenarian: Elsie Eiler. After her husband's death inEiler shouldered the responsibility of manning the town's tavern, organizing the 5,book library, and keeping the town's electricity humming and the water flowing—but you won't hear any complaining from her.

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Looking Real Sex Pillsbury North Dakota

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