Lonely women in Kalispell mn

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The health benefits of birth control extend far beyond simply preventing pregnancy. A person may take birth control to treat medical problems ranging from acne to endometriosis to ovarian cysts. Birth control can help make menstrual periods more regular or reduce painful period symptoms. And the range of people who benefit from birth control use, for both health and pregnancy prevention, is widespread. Birth control benefits the young person finishing college or starting a career. It benefits the family struggling to make ends meet.

It benefits the person suffering from endometriosis. It benefits parents who planned their families and had children when they were ready. Birth control has had such a dramatic impact on individuals and families in America that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC named it one of the top 10 public health achievements of the past century. We planned to have two children and have been able to help them achieve the life they want.

More children would have prevented our family from living up to its potential.

Lonely women in Kalispell mn

I love my kids but I cannot have any more due to finances and the well-being of both my career and mental health! Birth Control is vital not only to younger women who want to get their careers in place before they start having kids but also to older women who really need to just take care of the kids they already have! I have advanced degrees, I am a law-abiding citizen and a proven educator. Birth control coverage is necessary for me because I am trying to plan for the future with my boyfriend and cannot afford any surprises right now.

I also support birth control coverage without copays because I see my students struggling as single parents. No one should risk their financial future or the future of their children because of lack of affordable prevention. Without regular access to birth control which I get thanks to Planned ParenthoodI would continue to have these cysts.

There are a variety of medical reasons that people choose a hormonal contraceptive. Regardless, every woman should be able to choose for herself. Whatever reason a woman chooses to use birth control, she should be able to get it at no cost. Last week, I saw my doctor for my annual Lonely women in Kalispell mn and had no copay or lab bill.

Yesterday I picked up the first of my new annual prescription and paid nothing! Preventing unwanted pregnancies helps everyone. What would our society be like if all children were wanted and well cared for? My son was planned and it made such a difference. My choice, my responsibility. I have a high-deductible health plan that is very costly in and of itself.

Lonely women in Kalispell mn

Paying an additional copay on top of my monthly rate would make birth control unaffordable. Birth control is a priority in my life as I am a working young professional who is not in a place financially where I could afford. I rely on my birth control for health purposes as well. Because of Planned Parenthood and birth control, I was able to become a nurse and have a great family when I was ready! Every little bit helps with expenses.

We were lucky to be able to afford birth control at the time; not everyone is.

Lonely women in Kalispell mn

The ACA improves access and allows more women and families to have the ability to plan their family as we were able to. I am so thankful for it and Planned Parenthood. Before going on birth control to regulate my cycle, I became desperately ill every month with headaches, nausea, and fainting.

Birth control makes it possible for me to remain healthy and function in my everyday life, and I need health care coverage that makes it available and affordable. I have student loans to pay off.

Lonely women in Kalispell mn

It is very important to my husband and me both Catholic to have access to birth control so that we can carefully plan for our future family. I also have a chronic illness and deal with daily pain issues. Birth control helps to make my cycle easier to handle with my existing condition. It is highly unlikely that I would become pregnant at my age, but it is still physically possible.

I appreciate the fact that I have access to birth control for both reasons. And the last time I picked up my prescription, it was absolutely free of charge! Birth control should be accessible and affordable. Birth control allows me to function by regulating my hormones; without it, I am literally unable to leave the bed. When I get to the point at which I can amply support myself and my business is steady, I may consider a family. Today birth control helps me plan for a future I can afford, without unplanned pregnancies which, as an unemployed graduate student, would derail my academic and financial future.

An unintended pregnancy now would be devastating to me; I would have to choose between school orand that is a choice that would undo me. I am so grateful that my birth control is affordable and accessible. I will be happy to have a professional degree and be employable when I start my family! We both have piles of student loans and other bills to pay, and every penny counts.

I was on the pill for over a year because it was the only affordable option under my health care plan. Birth control means that we can be better teachers now and better parents later. It took years to pay off the debt Lonely women in Kalispell mn racked up. This year I had it replaced, it was fully covered. Since it is a regular fact of life that I have to periodically replace it — like getting vaccines and other regular preventive health procedures — this makes all kinds of sense.

Also, it does more than prevent unwanted pregnancies. Without it, every month I would spend one entire week in severe pain. This not only regulates my period but helps me function in my everyday life. All of my friends are young, mature, responsible adults.

We are all committed to the use and promotion of birth control, because we are all mature and responsible enough to know that we are not ready to have children. We are also not the richest of people and buying our preferred method of birth control can sometimes be a financial hardship, even with copays and assistance programs.

Lonely women in Kalispell mn

We want control over our futures, and in this world where almost nothing is in our control, at the very least we want to control if and when we start a family. I now have endometriosis. I also have multiple health issues and must take some medications that include steep copays. I was raised catholic. I believe that in a perfect world there would be no unwanted pregnancies. Access to birth control for all women is a decisive step in that direction. I receive a small stipend and poor health insurance. However, with the Affordable Care Act, now I am able to get birth control.

Thanks to birth control, I am able to continue my schooling and further our knowledge about cancer formation.

Lonely women in Kalispell mn

It lessens our financial, physical and mental stresses knowing that our preferred method of contraception is both affordable and easily attainable. Now we can put more money toward paying off our student debt. We had the two children we wanted and could care for WHEN we wanted them and felt we could afford them. And this has made my life much easier. Birth control is not just used for preventing pregnancy; sometimes women need it to treat a variety of health problems.

Presently, my birth control is the most expensive prescription I have to take, and it worries me that I might have to choose between a medicine I need for my health and other things I need like food, gas and rent.

I do not have the time or the extra money to have children right now. Birth control with no copays allows me to better plan when I am ready to start a family and also greatly reduces any unexpected, unwanted surprises like pregnancy. I do not want to have children. Online political directing to this are paid for by Planned Parenthood Action Fund or Planned Parenthood Votes, as deated in the relevant online political ad, William St. Hobby Lobby and Birth Control Griswold v.

Lonely women in Kalispell mn

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