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Keep reading to discover our favorite hot dog recipes for. Add cheese for variety and serve with various dipping sauces! Get the recipe here.

Hi sexy smart fun picky denver

A sweet and delicious stir fry that includes a go-to ingredient like hot dogs? Yup, we've just found the answer to your busy weeknight dinner problems. Get the recipe from Tablespoon. If you love Bahn Mi sandwiches, you'll love this hot dog version.

The slaw is easy to make at home, and the are delicious. Get the recipe over at Real Housemoms. Pretzels and hot dogs, what's not to love about this recipe? Soft and chewy dough surrounding a juicy hot dog, sprinkled with sea salt, yum! Get the recipe over at Food Fanatic. Pizza and hot dogs, two of your kids' favorite meals combined into one. Gooey mozzarella and mini pepperoni are the trick in this fun recipe from Taste and Tell.

Grab the recipe here. From Delish comes this yummy looking fried rice.

Hi sexy smart fun picky denver

Filled with healthy veggies like carrot and peas, and with an extra protein punch in the form of fried egg, this is basically a one-pot meal Hi sexy smart fun picky denver the whole family can enjoy. When you give your hot dogs a good overnight soak in this sweet-and-spicy marinade from Good Food Storiesyou won't need to worry about fancy toppings. Made with ketchup, soy sauce and other yummy ingredients, the only thing left to do is check out the grilling tip that Casey from Good Food Stories shares here. Everyone's favorite fair food can be yours at home with this sweet recipe from The View from Great Island.

Even better, there's a recipe for onion sauce, which fancies it up for the parents! Our tummies are growling over this Seattle hot dog spotted over at Show Me the Yummy. Find out what you'll need over at Show Me the Yummy. If you haven't had a hot dog from a New York street cart, you haven't had a hot dog. Luckily, you can recreate the simple but classic flavors by following Pennywise Mama's recipe.

One secret? Boil the dogs, don't grill 'em! This little piggy goes down great for playdates, lunches or even kid-friendly appetizers and it's easier to make than you think. Just for the full how-to. Get all the details by clicking here.

Find her recipe here. You know what makes a hot dog fancy? This take on dogs with sauteed mushrooms is essentially the beef stroganoff of the hot dog world. Get the full recipe here. Think hot dogs are only for lunch or dinner? This creative recipe from macheesmo.

Visit macheesmo. They loved grilled cheese. They love hot dogs. Why not switch things up and combine the two for a lunch that invokes the ballpark and comfort food all in one. Get the full recipe right here. Add in veggies like onions and bell peppers and the result is a delicious hearty meal that requires only one pot. Hooray for easy clean-ups! Get the full recipe by clicking here. The only problem? To snag the recipe.

Hi sexy smart fun picky denver

Try out this clever twist on pigs in a blanket, swapping crescent rolls for wonton wrappers. To get the full recipe from Or Whatever you Do. Whether served as a finger-food appetizer or as dinner alongside a green salad, this recipe from Cook the Story is bound to be a home run. The mini hot dogs are topped with honey mustard and a peach salsa. for the full recipe. Hot dogs become something brand new with this recipe from The Midnight Baker. To get the full recipe.

This fun idea from Damn Delicious gets the tots involved in the cooking. Have them thread uncooked spaghetti through hot dogs before you boil the pasta, and pair it with homemade or jarred marinara sauce for a delicious meal. To get the recipe.

To add a colorful Tex-Mex flair to your usual hot dog, top it with corn, beans, salsa and peppers — or let your little ones pick their own topping combinations.

Hi sexy smart fun picky denver

To get the recipe from Country Cleaver. Try this twist on the classic franks and beans that incorporates hearty sweet potatoes, crispy bacon and tangy barbecue sauce for a stick-to-your-ribs meal. Got a tater tot lover in your family? Top some hot dogs with tater tots, cheese sauce, sour cream and crumbly bacon for a kid-approved meal.

Transform hot dogs into something totally unexpected with this great recipe from Curry and Comfort. Grab the recipe by clicking here. Whip this one up as a decadent weekend treat. us up! If you can't decide on what kind of hot dog you'd like, Lindsay from Pinch of Yum has you covered with her hot dog bar! Check out her yummy toppings for a California dog and more! Content property of Red Tricycle Inc. Duplication, distribution or other uses by permission only. Plus our daily picks for the best things to see, do, eat and explore with your.

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Hi sexy smart fun picky denver

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Hi sexy smart fun picky denver

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Hi sexy smart fun picky denver

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31 Hot Dog Recipes You Need to Try