Find someone for sex in palmdale california

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Our therapists can be flexible to meet your needs in this time and are here to help you.

Find someone for sex in palmdale california

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Find someone for sex in palmdale california

Treatment Centers Support Groups. Sex Therapy near Palmdale, CA. See all therapists in Palmdale. Alicia Dukoff, Psy. Office is near:. I work with a wide range of clientele including individuals, couples, families and adolescents. Find someone for sex in palmdale california a nurturing and safe therapeutic environment, I work in collaboration with clients on the journey to self discovery, healing past traumas and removing the blocks to invite new space for growth and greater sense of fulfillment in life.

In addition to my specialization in sex therapyI work with individuals with depression, anxiety and PTSD. View. Offers online therapy. Are you feeling anxious about sex? Do you feel scared or ashamed? Are you or your loved ones repeating behaviors, relationships, or situations, and wishing you could break the cycle? Maybe little things feel more frustrating or stressful than usual. Sometimes, we aren't sure what causes our distress, but we can sense we're not reaching our potential for health, happiness, or success. And even when we know the cause, change can still feel impossible.

That's where I come in. My job is not to judge you--it's to listen, help you understand the root causes of your difficulties, and teach you practical tools to help change your life. Do other therapists not understand your sexual preferences? Are you struggling to connect with others or your partner?

Are you satisfied? Our culture features sex everywhere, but we don't or often can't talk about it. Whether you were raised in a Catholic household that never had any discussions or displays of sexuality, or if you are looking to explore the swinging lifestyle, look no further! Sex is a complicated part of our lives- encompassing culture, religion, self esteem, time; the list goes on. Let me help you find yourself and increase pleasure and satisfaction in all aspects of your life! Do you have relationship problems or sexual concerns? The focus of my practice is working with individuals and couples who want to enhance and transform their relationships and improve their overall quality of life.

My style is open and direct, and I provide a warm, safe environment to discuss concerns which people often find difficult to talk about. Hosts group in:. I received my Masters degree from Philips Graduate Institute inand have been providing services to children, couples, families, elders and adolescents in different settings such as Private Practice, hospitals, and Health Care centers.

Welcome to the beginning of your introspective journey! If you are visiting myyou might be looking for a new direction, facing life transitions, feeling hopeless, alone, and overwhelmed with your every day routine. If you would like to actively find healing through a collaborative therapeutic relationship you are in the right place. Throughout our sessions, you will find a safe space in which you may discuss your feelings and find the insight you have been looking for.

We will focus on actively engaging towards your goals in order to reach your greater potential.

Find someone for sex in palmdale california

You will draw on your own personal strengths as well as. We'll work to address the root of the problem in order to create long-term change and lifelong Find someone for sex in palmdale california. Do you ever find yourself dreaming of a richer life? Perhaps you feel disconnected from those around you. You may feel like your sex life is lacking vibrancy.

Many of us, including myself, can find it difficult to identify the cause of generally feeling discomfort and uneasiness. We might wake up feeling stuck, worthless, hopeless, lacking energy or simply have no sense of self. It is the heavy feeling in the chest or gut, an overwhelming feeling of not being who or what we thought we would be in life.

That feeling of malaise does not respect if you are male, female, non-binary or if you are 16 or 65 years of age. I have helped individuals with wide ranging mental health challenges, such as. Specializing in Gottman Model couples therapy, I offer an in depth four session assessment of your relationship's particular strengths and weaknesses.

We can use this information to decide if therapy is needed or whether you can fine tune your relationship on your own! I'll give you the goals, common language and concepts to "take home" and work at your own pace. If you need a more guided process I can help with therapy sessions to tune up your relationship. Please go to my website at www.

You have recognized that your sexual thoughts and behaviors are out of control, or you have discovered that your partner is compulsively using sex or porn. You are likely feeling shame for your actions or deeply hurt and betrayed by Find someone for sex in palmdale california partner's actions, which is completely understandable.

Seeking counseling can be a scary decision, so many avoid it until things get worse. Asking for help can be overwhelming, and it takes courage to reach out for support. I provide a safe space for your growth. If you're looking for support and guidance through a challenging situation or you're ready to move in a new direction in your life, I look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.

I am an interactive, solution-focused cognitive-behavioral therapist. I integrate complementary methodologies and techniques to offer a highly personalized approach tailored to each client. I provide a non-judgmental environment and proceed with each client with compassion, empathy and understanding.

I work with each client s to help build on their strengths and to attain their personal goal s they are committed to accomplishing. My specializations are focused on depression, anxiety, and trauma. I bring a transparent, honest, and easy-going approach. If you are ready to make strategic changes, grow, thrive, and enhance your life, our work will be a collaborative team to reach your ultimate goals.

I offer straight forward individual, marriage, family and child therapy without the technical jargon. I'm into straight talk with people who are ready to make changes. I believe we all have the ability within us to change ourselves, so to me therapy is a collaborative effort. My therapeutic orientation is cognitive-behavioral as well as family systems, and I work from a spiritually-based approach for those who ask for it.

I have special experience in a of areas, such as military, trauma, domestic violence, and abuse. Ultimately, I provide the type of therapy that meets your needs. You deserve to live as authentically and with as much integrity as you desire in order to be the best version of yourself, but this can be difficult at times.

The journey can be full of discovery or even feel scary. The things we think can lead us to our goals may not be as fulfilling as we thought. Sometimes because of what has happened before or what we think might happen. Change can be hard. It can feel overwhelming. It's different for everyone. Sexualized violence is one of the most devastating and harmful experiences a girl or woman can experience. Many find themselves without support, without people to listen and believe them, and without a legal structure that takes sexual assault and abuse seriously.

We do! Our creed is, "Start By Believing. Ending Shame. Ending Stigma. Ending Sexualized Violence. At a crossro or in a state of gridlock? Well, it is my pleasure to assist. Let's identify the underline issues that derailed you from living in your purpose. I'm extremely humbled partaking in one's healing journey, for sure SO, let's get started today!

Whatever modality is most comfortable toward you reachingfor help Just do it! Text,or call: I await being of assistance to either a family member, friend, or most importantly you! However, until we connect Wednesdays are dedicated to giving back to those in need. Therefore, I will "Slide that Scale"!

Find someone for sex in palmdale california

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