College maine woman sex

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I am a woman. I am sharing my story to bring some light to the issue and I hope it can lead to change. My Story:. One night during my freshman year, my roommate a female came back to our College maine woman sex very late and very drunk. She was having trouble walking and was completely wasted.

I was in bed asleep when she came into the room. X was a sophomore, but he was also a Company Rep, which gave him some power within the regimental system. My roommate and X had been sort of dating for only a few weeks, and their relationship was not at all serious. X came into our room with a male friend of his, and they were trying to get my roommate to come with them to one of their rooms.

I was extremely annoyed to be woken up by three drunks, and I also did not want to take care of my roommate who was completely intoxicated and unable to take care of herself. I told X and his friend in the strongest terms that he needed to take care of her because he had gotten her so drunk, and that he should absolutely not touch her or attempt to have sex with her, because she was too drunk to consent to sex. I told this to him several times. The next morning shortly after I woke up, my roommate came back to our room and I could immediately tell that something was wrong.

She was totally distraught, and she immediately went into our shower with all of her clothes on, turned the water on and sat down in the shower with the water running over her not saying anything—fully clothed. I went in and asked her what happened. I was furious, and told her that we were going to report the rape.

This was on a Sunday. A few hours later I called the school psychologist who is on call at all times and told him what happened. I went with my roommate to his office on the first deck of the dorms on Sunday afternoon and we made a report to him. The rape had happened around 12 hours before we met with him, but he said nothing about going to a clinic or hospital and doing a rape kit.

All he said was that he would have to notify Campus Safety on Monday—the following day. Why not notify Campus Safety that same day? You can draw your own conclusions. And from talking to other women I learned that as far as having a rape kit performed, the College maine woman sex would never take you to get one done at either of the two local hospitals. And if you are a victim of sexual assault on the MMA campus and you independently went to either of the two local hospitals for a rape kit, the school would still find out about it. Because women are terrified of the way the school handles reports of sexual assault, if we had wanted a rape kit done in a way that allowed us to stay anonymous and to have any chance at justice, we would have had to drive to an out of state hospital to get it done safely.

College maine woman sex

After that meeting with the psychologist my roommate and I went back to our doom room. He was furious. After we reported the rape, the psychologist or from someone the school psychologist told about the report had immediately notified X that we had accused him of raping my roommate. X had then come to the room of the woman he had raped the night before and given her a Green Slip for disrespecting him presumably the disrespect was the reporting of the rapeand also given a Green Slip to the woman who had helped her report the rape me.

College maine woman sex

Now the pressure was on us, not on X. But instead of facing a low level infraction Green SlipS had increased the punishment to a midlevel infraction, clearly to put more pressure on us to drop the rape allegations. The hearing was extremely aggressive, and S was a complete asshole to both of us. We told S the whole story, and explained to him that X, who had issued the infractions, had raped my roommate.

College maine woman sex

Of course he already knew this. S was the interrogator, judge, and jury. He repeatedly attempted to get us to admit to anything that could have gotten us in trouble. And as if coming forward the morning after a rape is not soon enough.

The whole thing was a sick joke.

College maine woman sex

We should not have been alone in that room with him. We should have had a lawyer or at least some kind of representative on our side. Almost all of the students at the school thought the hearing was total bullshit, and a lot of students in high regimental positions tried to get them to drop our hearing.

The result of the hearing was that our mid level offenses got dropped back down to low level offenses, and I think we both had to do 3 hours of community service. The rapist never had a hearing and did not get in any trouble. They punished the College maine woman sex and the woman who helped her report the rape, never did a rape kit, never called the police, and intimidated us both into silence.

We then had to see that rapist almost every day around campus. It was horrible and we both felt powerless and deeply afraid. After our freshman year we went on the freshman cruise. The poster included a list of all of the fourth class female cadets, and by each of their names was a compromising picture, or a date and name of someone who had sex with the woman.

College maine woman sex

Not every girl had a name or picture, but what I do know is that S was very aware of this poster. I know for a fact that he found it during an inspection, laughed about it, allowed it to continue hanging, and then he continued to check it throughout the entire cruise. The school has a good system in place for doing the coverups. The entire administration is complicit. One of the most powerful tools they use to suppress the reporting of sexual assaults is the issue of alcohol use. Our Title 9 coordinator would ask girls who reported anything to her if they were drinking.

And if they had been drinking, she would say that there was nothing she could do. If you were drinking when you got raped, well too bad. And if you try to pursue the issue, we will punish you for the drinking offense. In a righteous world where she actually did her job, the Title 9 coordinator would have defended us at our hearing, or taken steps to ensure the campus was safe so that the assault had never even happened in the first place.

And now that S is the head of campus safety, I never would report a single thing to anyone at that school. The Clery report is a total fucking lie. And it makes me wonder how many other rapes have been covered up at Maine Maritime. I want to see change at MMA. One of the biggest changes I want to see is a rule that says if you report a sexual assault you cannot get in trouble if you were drinking underage. The current rule which allows women who are sexually assaulted to be punished for College maine woman sex before their assault keeps so many women from even reporting sexual assaults.

That seems to be the purpose of the rule. They are doing the opposite, and I hope change comes soon. Extensive fact checking was conducted and the victim approved the final version of this and stands by everything she has written.

College maine woman sex

We believe her. If you have experienced sexual harassment or sexual assault at Maine Maritime Academy and are interested in telling your story anonymously, please through our contact. You may call, text, or submit via the contact form and we will follow up with you. Thanks, MLAA. Sep 7 Written By John Ryan. My Story: One night during my freshman year, my roommate a female came back to our room very late and very drunk.

John Ryan.

College maine woman sex

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