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Would we give Fullerton our real? And just how drunk would we have to be to hook up with Fountain Valley? Evy Meara is a year-old nightclub singer whose career became a tippling tailspin ending in a sanitarium dry-out and a coincidental pound weight loss. They are her emotional crutches, and she is theirs. None is concerned as much about Evy as they are about their own little problems.

They give Evy dozens of reasons for taking that next first drink. Proud grandfather and grieving husband, year-old Bill Goodwin stands at his kitchen sink, rinsing his false teeth and talking about sex. Even as his wife, Dotty, battled breast cancer, and even after her death last March, the party never stopped. But now Costa Mesa officials are threatening to turn out the lights.

City Manager Allan L. Morality is not the issue, Roeder says. There is no law against orgies in Costa Mesa, and Goodwin has a right to give whatever kinds of parties he wishes. Officials can intervene only if they decide he is running a business, which would be a violation of residential zoning ordinances.

They may also be able to fine Goodwin for building extra bedrooms onto his 3,square-foot house without proper permits, city officials say. Roeder concedes it is naive to think such things never happen, though he says he was among the most naive until a week ago. Not by a long shot, says Goodwin, who welcomed couples to his last Halloween party, all in costume. Taking a break from preparations for his next get-together, Goodwin finishes rinsing his teeth under the tap. He opens his mouth, places them in and smiles broadly, a disarming prelude to some shameless boasting about his bedroom prowess.

I got three beautiful daughters, and they all know about my swinging. Goodwin insists that he and his guests are having wholesome adult fun, though they do seem to brush aside widespread concerns about sexually transmitted diseases. AIDS is not a fear, he says, because he allows Beautiful lady looking hot sex Costa Mesa married couples and friends to attend.

No singles or gay men. A retired truck driver and carpenter, Goodwin maintains a remarkable V-shaped physique for a man his age. Goodwin built the workout shed with his own hands, as he did much of the Palace, including many thinly curtained bedrooms and dark booths, a disco dance floor and a person Jacuzzi, which is heated to degrees and hidden by palm trees and Monterey pines. An avid hot air balloonist whose love of panthers gave Goodwin the idea for the Palace decor and the large black panther statue on the front lawn, Dotty participated in the party life until her cancer was diagnosed two years ago.

Weak and writhing in pain, she spent her last days in a hospital bed Goodwin installed in the front room.

Beautiful lady looking hot sex Costa Mesa

As his wife lay dying, guests often sat with her during parties. Goodwin, meanwhile, slept every night on a nearby sofa, and now that Dotty is gone he cannot sleep anywhere else.

Beautiful lady looking hot sex Costa Mesa

But if he is not sleeping steadily, Goodwin finds a measure of ease in other ways. For her age, Helluva nice little party gal.

Beautiful lady looking hot sex Costa Mesa

Most parties attract a regular crowd of 40 couples, the majority from Southern California, though some drop in from Arizona, New York and beyond. Goodwin says he never charges admission, and guests supply their own food and liquor. Fried chicken, turkey, ham, cheeses, casseroles. You ought to taste the barbecued cabbage that comes here. Eventually, it is time for Goodwin to return to his party preparations. After a lifetime spent emulating both Hugh Hefner and Martha Stewart, Goodwin concedes that he grows weary. Hot Property. Times Events. Times Store. Facebook Twitter Show more sharing options Share Close extra sharing options.

I'd like picking lady who Beautiful lady looking hot sex Costa Mesa skirts Would we give Fullerton our real? Online: Now. I sure do. Orange county's sexiest cities Goodwin says he never charges admission, and guests supply their own food and liquor. All Sections. About Us. B2B Publishing. Business Visionaries.

Beautiful lady looking hot sex Costa Mesa

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