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The History of Lake Charles. Stewart Alfred Ferguson, the eldest of four sons of a Methodist minister, was born at Carthage, Missouri on January 27, Here he remained until when he moved with his parents to the state of South Dakota. Completing the grade schools at Gregory, South Dakota, he entered high school in Mt. He graduated from the Academy in After a hectic career in college education from tohe received his A. His major subject was English, and his minor subjects were History and Economics. Inhe was called back to his alma mater, Dakota Wesleyan University, as Director of Athletics where he has remained until the present time.

I wish to make acknowledgement to the following people who so kindly assisted me in my search for material: Mrs. Bryan, and Miss Elizabeth Mandell, and to the many other people with whom I held interesting conversations regarding the early history of Lake Charles. I wish to express appreciation to Professor James Van Kirk of Dakota Wesleyan University who first interested me in the field of History and who provided me with such a fine background for my graduate work. I am sincerely grateful to the History Department of Louisiana State University for the most pleasurable and instructive hours that I have spent in the field of study.

To those who may have to wade through this thesis preliminary to its acceptance, I express sympathy and thanks for their patience. To Dr. Stephenson, who has and must assume the chief labor, I am indebted to a great degree. His kindness has already been responsible for my completion of the work.

Many legends are in existence, which concern the early life of Lake Charles and the Calcasieu country. Like all legends, they are undoubtedly colored by imagination. Historical facts have, perhaps, been distorted and twisted to make a better tale. Never-the-less, I feel that this misty realm of almost- forgotten lore deserves a place in the thesis by serving as an atmospheric background for the presentation of the true and accurate history. So, I have felt my way backward along the pathway of facts and penetrated this shadow history, sifting and sorting in the most logical and historical manner of which I am capable these many narratives for what I believe is a true reflection of these early events.

In places the shadows were so dense and the facts so few that I have been forced to eliminate some of the most romantic aspects of this history. Shadows that were illuminated only by the sheen of charm and romance, which, I believe, is more noticeable in Lake Charles than in any other city of Louisiana of which I have knowledge, I have rejected as belonging solely to the field of fiction. Shadows that were out lined by rays of facts, reaching back and reducing fantastic and phantom characteristics to human forms and life-like accomplishments I have included.

This has been my procedure in the presentation of this chapter of shadow history. Long after the North American continent had thrust itself from the bosom of the oceans, Louisiana still remained a part of the ocean bed. Whales and sea monsters disported themselves above the present site of Lake Charles. Evidence of this fact was displayed in the windows of the American Press office in Lake Charles two years ago.

The exhibit consisted of the skull of a whale unearthed about two miles north of the city and a part of the jaw-bone of a sea monster, which, as far as I have been able to learn, has not yet been properly classified. The Mississippi River then began its endless Beautiful couples wants orgasm Lake Charles Louisiana of creating Louisiana, switching its course, according to some of our geologists, from the Sabine River on the west to its present course in the eastern part of the state. This comparatively newly created soil of Louisiana dates only from the close of the Paleozoic Period. The soil belongs to the Quaternary classification.

Sections of the lower part of Louisiana thrust themselves Beautiful couples wants orgasm Lake Charles Louisiana the water, inclosing large lakes, which often imprisoned whales as, may be inferred from the of whalebones found along the edges of the lakes below Lake Charles. These lakes bordered by narrow fringes of soil prevented tree growth and explains the very clearly defined tree line, which reaches to, about the north limit of the city. Above this tree line, the pine woods extend to the north limits of the state, and below it, the flat prairies extend to the shore of the Gulf.

Lack of soil fertility around Lake Charles may be explained also by the above theory - that the enclosed lakes covered the area about the city until a comparatively recent date. The bank of rich, black soil twenty miles south of Lake Charles, surrounding the present site of Cameron, was probably the restraining wall between the lake and the Gulf of Mexico. Long ages passed.

Beautiful couples wants orgasm Lake Charles Louisiana

Then, for some unknown reason a mighty torrent of water swept through the southwestern part of Louisiana, cutting a very deep channel, one of the deepest in the United States, and creating the Calcasieu River. Ordinary drainage could never have created the depth of this river in view of its short length and its slight fall. The lakes, thereupon, began draining through this channel, and the imperial parish of Calcasieu was born. An interesting of the change from sea to land is given in a manuscript written by William Littell Bradley several years ago.

There were no forests in Calcasieu then, for all the country lying between the Bloody River and the Stream of Dispute was a rolling prairie, which extended from the great marsh far into the domains of the North. But the Eternal One commanded his servants that they should plant a forest in this fair land. And the fowls of the air did bring seeds of the Cyprus tree and cast them into the low lands along the rivers, and they brought also pine seeds and scattered them over the face of the prairie, beginning at the north border and working southward.

Then came the squirrels and helped the birds, the oaks sprang up along the banks of all superfluous branches. Ages rolled on, and the sea with its border of marshes fled before the advance of the forests. As the swamps drained and the bayous assumed definite form, there came in from the northeastern part of Texas a band of roving Indians, known as the Attakapas and belonging to the Attakapan family.

They soon became known as "Man-Eaters" from their fierce and war-like natures. They speedily drove away the remnants of other Indian tribes who had settled in southern Louisiana, among whom were the Cherokee, Choctaw, and the Coushatta. These tribes withdrew sullenly and only awaited an opportunity to avenge themselves upon the Attakapas.

Beautiful couples wants orgasm Lake Charles Louisiana

The time came at last, and the tribes burst upon the Attakapas with a vengeance seldom recorded in history, resulting in the almost complete annihilation of the Attakapas. This was perhaps the greatest Indian battle fought in the southern states, and it raged over and near the present site of St. Inthere were only four members of the "Man-Eaters" in Louisiana and five in Texas, and the tribe is now extinct. There is a sandy bank along the Calcasieu River about five miles south of the city where pots, arrowhe, and be have been found, which indicate that it might have been a permanent camp of the Indians at one time.

Twelve miles north of Lake Charles was a settlement of Indians who left so many evidences of their occupation that the site is now known as Indian Village. The Indian history of Calcasieu Parish came to an end shortly before the arrival of the white settlers.

Most of them continued westward or sought places which they knew would be less accessible or less attractive to the white settlers than the beautiful Calcasieu country. The few Indians who remained intermarried with the French and Spanish adventurers and created a class of people who now comprise quite a of settlements in the Parish. The people have become known as "Red Bones. The first white settler who came to the Calcasieu County was Martin Canacersae Le Bleu, a man of very romantic and adventuresome nature.

Leaving Bordeaux, France, inhe came to Virginia where he lived for five years. Finding the times there too troublesome on of the Revolutionary War, he married Miss De la Marion, whose parents had migrated from the same section of France that he had, and started westward in a two-wheeled bullock cart. Long months passed before he crossed the Calcasieu River at a point about six miles northeast of the present site of Lake Charles.

Beautiful couples wants orgasm Lake Charles Louisiana

His wife urged him to end his journey at this place, for it was the most beautiful spot they had encountered on their long journey. The drooping Cyprus trees and the stately, moss-hung oaks seemed to her to be the paradise they had been seeking. But Martin Le Bleu was not yet satisfied. He again turned westward and shortly came to the shore of Lake Charles. Finding it impossible to ford the enlarged river which widens into the lake at this point, he listened at last to his wife and turned back, settling about six miles east of the lake along what is now called English Bayou.

Some authorities place the date as early asbut the most probable one and the one which was given me by his closest descendent is In this cabin, four children were born to Martin Le Bleu and his wife: Caroline, Martin, Mace, and Arsone, each of whom became important in the affairs of the early settlement. Shortly after the arrival of the Le Bleus, another migrant appeared, Lewis Reon. He settled on the west bank of Lake Charles, but his future history was left unrecorded.

He achieved distinction by being the first white man to build a home within the present city limits of Lake Charles, erecting a small, log cabin, twenty feet square, on the site of the present Barbe home on Shell Beach. Feeling the need of a helpmate, he courted Caroline Le Blue, the daughter of Martin Le Bleu and the first white child born in southwest Louisiana. After a brief courtship, they were married, creating the first permanent family in Lake Charles.

Their marriage occurred during the year The "Testimony of Gregorio Mora" reveals the fact that he was appointed "to collect tithes of all residents who lived or had stocks west of the River Culeashue", for the term, Only the Le Bleus and the Salliers and their connections left permanent records.

These two families were very prolific, and they intermarried freely. Other families who trace their origin back to the same source are the Barbes, Rosteets, and the Moss clans. The present population of Lake Charles is permeated with the descendants of the Sallier family, so much so that if it were possible for Charles Sallier to return now, he could truly say that he founded a town of his own flesh and blood. The settlers who Beautiful couples wants orgasm Lake Charles Louisiana to the Calcasieu country between and l obtained their lands in various ways. The first migrants usually purchased the lands for very small considerations from a few of the Indians who still remained in the country.

These purchases were later confirmed by the Spanish government. The land west of the Calcasieu River seems to have been given to settlers for no consideration other than occupancy.

Beautiful couples wants orgasm Lake Charles Louisiana

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