Dada dada da, it’s the one and only Premier Li (Keqiang, Keqiang!)
Dada dada da, you know I roll with Mr. Xi Jinping
Yeah, yeah, yeah, you know the GongChangDang (CCP) is back for all you suckas!
Wave yo hands, wave yo hands, put ‘em in the air, like you just don’t care.

Top dog, this fall, yeah I’m turning it up
PBOC , I hope they burnin’ it up,
CCP, PSC, yeah we hookin back up
Zhou Xiaochuan is the bomb, but he got to step up.
All my homies, no more cronies, hope they givin it up.
All yo cheese, pretty please, you been livin it up.
Takin chances that’s my Stance cause we don’t got that much time
Our economy got reason, but it ain’t got no rhyme.
Comrades lookin at me strange but you know I don’t care
The one child policy, and the hukou ain’t fair
Y’all quit talkin startin’ walkin, (we) gots to get a move on
Interest groups get out the way (of) financial sector reform
Fiscal and pension reform, we got a rendezvous
And SOEs, ya best believe, that I be coming for you,
I’m in a hurry, don’t you worry, (I) hit you indirectly,
With Shanghai FTZ, and then some TPP

Dada dada da, it’s the one and only Xi Jinping,
Dada dada da, you know I’m rockin’ with Premier Li

Straight out them killer fields of Sha-an-xi,
Frugality leads to legitimacy.
Doc Xi rollin’ out the Chinese Dream
What you think? Shout out Muscatine (IA)!
Wang Qishan bustin’ heads hear the crack;
With Xi in the back takin’ up slack.
Clippin’ all of Zhou’s boys from the hood
CNPC, Sichuan, understood?
Seven Forbiddens make up Doc. 9
Rule of law, pshaw, rule of law? Nah.
Y’all be pitchin’ asinine.
Rumor mongerers stop building Castle Tweetenstein.
Cause our censors’ on, then your tweets are gone.
Get your Xi on, join the reform
Cause our policies, will last for eons
Xi and Li be the posse fo sho, comin’ real we the next episode.

Hold up, hey, for my critics who be thinkin’ we soft,
We don’t play, so don’t compare us to no Gorbachev.
Hold up, hey, for those thinkin’ we be actin’ too bold,
Take a seat, hope you’re ready for the next episode,
Hey hey hey hey, reform everyday.