ADIZ – Air Defense Identification Zone

AIIB – Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

AMC – Asset Management Corporation

AQI – Air Quality Index

AUD – Australian Dollar

BOC – Bank of China

BOJ – Bank of Japan (central bank)

BVI – British Virgin Islands

CAGR – Compound Annual Growth Rate

CBD – Central Business District

CBRC – China Banking Regulatory Commission

CCDI – Central Commission for Discipline Inspection

CCP – Chinese Communist Party

CDB – China Development Bank

CFIUS – Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States

CJ – Chai Jing (producer of Chinese environmental documentary Under the Dome)

CNPC – China National Petroleum Corporation

CS – Counter Strike

EPL – Environmental Protection Law

EU – European Union

FAI – Fixed Asset Investment

FDI – Foreign Direct Investment

FTZ – Free Trade Zone

GBP – British Pound

GDP – Gross Domestic Product

GOV – Government

HKD – Hong Kong Dollar

HKIA – Hong Kong International Airport

HKMA – Hong Kong Monetary Authority

ICC – International Commerce Center (Hong Kong/Kowloon based office complex)

IFC – International Finance Center (Hong Kong based office complex)

LGFV – Local Government Financing Vehicles

M&A – Mergers and Acqusitions

MEP – Ministry of Environmental Protection

MNC – Multinational Corporation

MOFCOM – Ministry of Commerce

MTR – Mass Transit Railway (Hong Kong subway system)

NDRC – National Development and Reform Commission

NPC – National People’s Congress

NPL – Non-Performing Loans

OBOR – One Belt, One Road

OFDI – Outbound Foreign Direct Investment

OG – Original Gangsta

PBOC – People’s Bank of China (central bank)

P/E – Price to Earnings (Ratio)

PLA – People’s Liberation Army

PRC – People’s Republic of China

PSC – Politburo Standing Committee

QE – Quantitative Easing

RMB – Renminbi (Chinese currency, also referred to as “kuai”)

ROI – Return on Investment

RRR – Reserve Requirement Ratio

SAFE – State Administration of Foreign Exchange

SAIC – State Administration for Industry and Commerce

SEZ – Special Economic Zone

SOE – State-Owned Enterprise

TPP – Trans-Pacific Partnership

TST – Tsim Sha Tsui

USD – US Dollar