Brothers and sisters,
Brothers and sisters, I don’t know what this world is coming to!
Whassup Yaobang? Ziyang!
This is another, Swaggy
Zhongguo, Zhongguo, yes
D, exclusive, yes, uhh!

This one’s for the reformers, a flash back performance.
The cause ain’t at the coroners, do y’all know what I mean?
Deng is here to stay like permanent crease in your jeans.
Xi and Liu He be the new tag team.
“Whoomp, there it is!”
Remember, Hu and Zhao, the OGs of Liu Siz;
They “Public Enemy No. 1”, they fought with Li Peng,
Liberality was shunned.

What happened to those good old days?
When reform, was so much fun.
Ohh, kaifang was the bomb y’all,
And no one, would go against Deng.
It was all about reform y’all,
We opened up, to become our best.
Oh, we was under one groove y’all.
So much love between us and the west.

Go back in the day,
When reform was all the rage.
Yao chi liang then Zhao Ziyang,
And do the gaige kaifang,
Back in the day, hey hey hey,
China has changed.

Remember when we used to battle?
With Chen Yun and the conservatives?
Oh, he liked the birdcage economy;
Market played a role, but it was limited.
Xi Zhongxun he rocked the SEZs
With Zhang Wei, and Zhu Rongji.
Yes, Hu Yaobang, Zhao Ziyang too;
Zhou Enlai opened doors for you and me, c’mon.


(Deng, Zhu Rongjeezy, let’s do it again, but bigga)
Household responsibilities, decollectivize, privatize the SOEs,
Just like them TVEs.
Zhu Rongjeezy, he cold as ice,
Trigger, he pull it from “Day One”, he had reform in his sights.
So what’s up fellas we takin’ tally,
If you try to stop reform, we all gon’ rally, Jigga.
Next year let’s talk, cause I’m kinda gettin’ dizzy;
Can Qishan stay on? Don’t get pissy discuss it.
Just let Wang run free,
The best reformer alive unquestionably.
If you don’t target GDP, you makin’ better policy,
So let’s take the pain, I know it sounds insane,
Like in the membrane, but y’all gots to chill.
Insane in the brain? Y’all know Cypress Hill.
Ha ha, that’s how reform will evolve;
Jinping’s the President, I’m namin’ Wang the national guard.

To get rich is, rich is g-g-g-glorious.
We cross the river by feelin’ the stones, hop on the bus.
Zhao Ziyang, “a stinkin’ remnant of the landlord class.”
He been hot since Deng said, “Let’s seek truth from facts.”
Yes yes, the yes yes, the yes y’alln.
(C’mon, oh yeah, oh yeah)
Okay, Xi, that bigga figga, couple years he’ll be ballin’.
(C’mon, oh yeah, oh yeah)


I wanna, go back in time,
(Let’s go)
Feels like I, I wanna, go back in time,
Feels like I,
(Y’all remember the Southern Tour)
I wanna, go back in time,
(When Deng went to Shenzhen to restart reform)
Feels like I, I wanna, go back in time.
(I used to love them days, market ruled, let’s go)